We are an online community of tax consultants that focus on helping clients find tax relief and IRS relief. Our site serves two purposes – to help citizens get more information about taxes and find a consultant if they need one, and also for tax consultants to network with each other and learn from each other. Our community posts tons of original blog content focusing on taxes and tax advice, and we also have discussion boards where you can chat with tax consultants.

We started this community because we found that even within communities where many people were highly educated about taxes and tax relief, many people still had lots of questions about how they could make the most out of their tax return, and how they could get out of trouble with the IRS if they had previous tax debt. We thought that the best solution to this was not only to publish articles sharing our own knowledge as tax consultants, but to ask other tax consultants to chime in as well. We don’t have one set team of tax bloggers here – we publish guest posts from expert tax writers and tax consultants who hail from many different backgrounds, so you get a well-rounded look at taxes.

If you are a tax consultant, we would love to have you here as a part of our community. We rely on tax experts like you to keep our site running and to produce high quality articles. In addition to helping our readers with tax questions, you’ll also be able to network with other tax consultants, which can help you improve your work. If you are a reader that has tax questions, please send them to us! We’re happy to help and will get back to you right away with an expert opinion. Although taxes can seem overwhelming, they don’t have to be when you have good information about them.