Our Activities

We are a tax consultant community whose goal is to promote tax literacy and help provide free tax relief and tax debt relief for our readers through education. We also provide a platform for communication, both between consumers and consultants, and between professional consultants themselves. Here are some of the activities we are involved in. We encourage you to join us if you want to learn more about taxes, or if you are a tax consultant who is willing to share their expertise and connect with others.

Tax blog

We have a tax blog where we publish articles about all things taxes. These are informational articles written by tax consultants from around the country on how to best handle many different types of tax problems and challenges. You can count on our tax blog to provide you with the best and most up-to-date content about taxes and filing.


Have a question about taxes? You can ask our community of tax consultants for free! It can be overwhelming to do your taxes, particularly if you are handling a complicated new situation, such as a new job, new child, or new marriage. Our tax consultants can help answer your questions in an informative and concise manner and point you in the right direction towards a helpful solution.

Networking and Discussion

If you are a tax consultant, we encourage you to join our community to discuss tax issues with other professionals. We find that this is a great way for all tax consultants to learn more about their industry and improve their own practices. You can also just generally expand your contacts list and have conversations with others in your field.

Tax Consultant Directory

If you need to find a tax consultant for more in-depth advice and services, we make it easy through our directory. Our member tax consultants can add their contact information to our directory, so you can easily search for someone in your area who can help you with your needs. We verify all of our members, so you know you’ll be getting advice and help from someone you can trust.

When it comes to doing your taxes, we know that you aren’t always able to afford an expensive tax consultant, or maybe you just have a few questions. Our resources make it easy for anyone to find out what they need to know about taxes without spending huge amounts of money.