When you file your taxes, every once in a while, the IRS may not be able to find a record of your W-2 or other income tax form. This may not necessarily be your fault, but unfortunately, you will still need to get the problem sorted out before you can get your tax return back. If the IRS has no record of your W-2, don’t fret – there are steps you can take to help make sure it turns up. Here are the steps you should take to help the IRS find your W-2.

Double-check all of the information you submitted.

It is extremely common for people to make typos when submitting their tax returns, particularly when using an online service. Go through your entire return and check all of your personal information, particularly things like your social security number and other identifying information. Many people don’t realize it when they’ve mistyped something until it is too late, and this can make it hard for the IRS to find a record of your W-2. You should also double check the information listed on your personal W-2 provided by your employer to make sure everything adds up.

Talk to your employer.

This may be your employer’s mistake if they misprinted some crucial information or sent you the incorrect form. They may also have not submitted the W-2 to the IRS properly. Be sure to double check with your employer that the form was submitted properly, and get a record of it if possible. This will help the IRS to locate your W-2. If your employer has not submitted your W-2 yet, urge them to do so right away using the proper filing procedures.

If you’ve received a mailed notice, follow all instructions.

The IRS tends to communicate through mail, so if you’ve received a mailed notice informing you of this problem, then read through it carefully and follow the instructions they give you. They may provide a specific number for you to call, or give you other instructions on how to solve the problem.

Call the customer service number.

Generally, the easiest way to solve this problem will be by calling a customer service number. You should have all of your forms and information handy, as the customer service rep from the IRS will need that information. It will likely take a long time due to the sheer volume of calls that the IRS receives. Take notes of anything that the IRS reps say to you, as you may need to call a second or third time and refer back to the original call. Don’t get discouraged if the process is not resolved right away – the IRS wants to resolve all problems and will work to get things handled, but everything takes time.

Go to an IRS office.

If you cannot solve the problem over the phone, it may help to go to an IRS office. That way, you can explain the situation to someone in person and resolve things right there. Most major cities and towns have IRS offices somewhat close by. Just like calling, be sure to plan to go when you have several hours free, as you may have to wait in line.

Don’t panic if the IRS can’t find your forms – there will be a way to solve the problem.